“My heart beats faster as you take my hand; my love grows stronger as you touch my soul.”

The gorgeous couple Sagar and Shivani were one of our projects this year. The two exchanged vows in an intimate cross-cultural ceremony.

During their time working together, Sagar and Shivani fell in love. These love-birds belong to different cultures, Sagar being a North Indian and Shivani being a Maharashtrian. In spite of their cultural differences, they decided to tie the knot and stay together forever. 

The wedding was held at The Regenza by Tunga. This world class business hotel is located in the heart of Navi Mumbai at Vashi. It is built on an expansive field with a view of azure. With its dreamy feel and perfect sojourn, it guarantees the perfect location for an intimate wedding. 

There was something magical about that wedding. It was set up in such a way that I felt like I was watching a love story unfold. It was an intimate celebration with only close family and friends present.The Ostentatious decorations were sure to elate your senses. Despite its simplicity, it was appealing! 


As Shivani wore her Nauvari saree, she looked like a princess. She left us in awe with her elegance and beauty. Our hearts were truly won over by her chirpy attitude and charming smile. In his traditional attire, Sagar looked no less than a king. They are truly made for each other!


Tradition and culture served as the perfect foundation for the love-birds' celebration of their union of love. Cross-culture weddings are a great way to bring together two different cultures. It was a celebration of love filled with customs and traditions. It was a joy to capture the couple's candid moments perfectly. 


The couple's happiness and love brought tears to our eyes. Our goal was to capture their love and happiness beautifully to make their memories last a lifetime. Enjoy some of these beautiful moments from the fairytale wedding!