Let's Start Your Journey

Thank you, and early congratulations. You are getting married, and you are excited, nervous or just plain old filled with joy. We are thrilled that you are here and we would love to talk to you about the people you love, and find out what this wedding truly means to you.

The way we approach a wedding day requires that we get to know you, and see if we are the right fit to take on the privilege of documenting your legacy. The highs and lows that are meaningful to you can only be found by getting to know you. Our inspiration, comes from you and the people you love the most in your life. Once you fill out this form, expect a phone call within 5 working days from us, to talk more about your special day and to see if we are the right fit. By finding out more about you, I would also be able to offer you a custom tailored quote made just for you.

Email: mail@rohanshinde.com

Phone: 9967124778

Business Hours: 11 am to 8 pm

If you're curious, our basic Package starts at INR 50K per day.