Two times Winner of Wedwar Awards : International Recognition

Among Top 100 Photographers in India : Wallmag

Hi, I am Rohan Shinde.

Three words that define who I am and how I tell your story. 

Real, Modern and Artistic

 For me, as a visual storyteller, it’s not about portraying photos of you as a couple ala fairy-tale. The magic lies in the in-between moments, and how I capture it as naturally and real as I can. It may be in the city you met each other, a dream city you've always wanted to visit together or even your family home.  From your first date to the moment you first see each other as husband and wife on your wedding day, I want to hear and capture it all. 

The Journey!

When i was young, I aspired on being an engineer because in our stereotype society it is the only reputed career option other than being a doctor. But after opting for Engineering I realised this is not what I want to do. With all the criticism I chose to join one of the top Photography School in Mumbai. When I was 18, I visited a Photo Exhibition in Mumbai and saw how emotions can be captured in a single frame .I was very much interested in learning each and every aspect of Photography. That is when Photography happened. 

I remember by the age of 19, I decided to start in whatever I have. I was aware that the industry in which I am getting into is neither easy nor cheap. But my passion towards photography didn’t allow me to stop. I started assisting some photographers in the town and gained some knowledge.

Now we are among leading wedding photography service providers. Rohan Shinde photography is a collective of passionate creatives who capture and document stories of love through with photographs and films. We are based out of Navi Mumbai and on the wish-list of couples all across the globe.



“Rohan Shinde is a complete package of talent, dedication and creative mind. His age will shock you but his level of experience and hard work is beyond infinite. Capturing emotions and moments beautifully is his motto. Photography is his Passion and he will put his 100% into this.
Would recommend him to all my friends. :)”