“My love for you is past the mind, beyond my heart, and into my soul.”

Doris and Isaac were one of our projects at the start of this year. This beautiful couple got married on 3rd January 2021 in Mumbai at U.B.M Christa Shanti Church, Marol.

These love birds have been friends since they were kids. They fell in love with each other and decided to start the next chapter of their life together. They are truly the definition of soulmates.

The couple got married at a traditional white wedding at a church. The gorgeous venue turned out to be an amazing backdrop for the wedding. Everything about it was so pleasing that we could not get enough of it! From the shimmering lights to the glittering masquerades, everything added to the bling of the event. The dreamy décor and the stunning aesthetics of the plush venue were truly a treat for the eyes.

It was magical to see the duo’s cute love story turn into a wedding filled with love and joy. It was everything a couple ever dreams of!

We were left awestruck when we saw Doris in the beautiful white gown. She looked no less than a fairy tale princess. Her beauty and charm were mesmerizing and her cute smile won our hearts. Isaac’s happiness on seeing Doris in the gown made our hearts melt. We could truly see their love for each other in their eyes. Isaac himself was looking charming in his black suit. We tried our best to capture these adorable moments of the couple.

Capturing the sheer beauty and classic essence of the wedding was truly bewitching. Seizing these once-in-a-lifetime moments of this couple was an enchanting experience. The amazing chemistry of the love-birds made it clear that they are truly besotted for each other. We are really happy to be a part of this elegant celebration of love.

Here are the pictures from the wedding that are sure to bring a smile to everyone’s face.