Rohan and Vinita had the luxurious wedding of their dreams at Kamath Resorts. In order to accommodate the bride's Marwadi heritage and the groom's Punjabi background, the couple decided to have two weddings. The wedding was a delightful blend of sikh and Marwadi traditions, woven into a beautiful story of quaint decor and joyous celebrations as seen in the pictures below.

Kamath Wedding Resort is Spread Over 5 acres of lush greenery amidst breathtaking landscapes. Located between Mumbai And Pune, it is the ideal location for Private Premium Destination Weddings.


Vinita wore a striking yellow anarkali for Mehendi. The vibrant Mehndi celebration was set off by gorgeous natural décor that featured intricate details, whimsical accents, and captivating colour stories. Yellow columns adorned the boundary structure, hung with flowing drapes. 

Mehndi took full advantage of the venue's magnificent interiors with its splashes of colour. Lots of laughter and lighthearted moments were shared.

Haldi & Sangeet

The haldi celebration started with a fun-filled pool party. The bride and groom wore matching royal blue outfits. Set in a lush natural setting, the rustic, minimal decor blended seamlessly into the environment, elevating the earthy elements. 

A picturesque background set the tone for the couple to celebrate their day of love with their near and dear ones. The interiors provided a flawless canvas for the bride's vision to come to life. The sangeet was magical. In her shimmering green gown paired with silver jewellery, Vinita looked stunning. This was a festive celebration full of colors. The fun wedding festivities included music, food, and rituals. A groovy night that was jam-packed with amazing dance performances. The couple's outstanding performance marked the end of a vibrant evening.

Punjabi Wedding

For the Punjabi Wedding, Vinita wore a gorgeous pink lehenga while Rohan wore a white sherwani. Hues of pastel pink and white ruled the theme for the wedding. A high octane baraat began the festivities. They were carried out in accordance with punjabi wedding traditions. It was full of food, fun, and dancing! Punjab's vibrant culture was evident in the pomp and display at the wedding. Also add some dazzling, colourful outfits, extravagant décor, and an open bar for the ultimate big fat wedding! 

Marwari Wedding

A long aisle adorned with rose petals and candles greeted the bride as she walked down the aisle. Her lehenga was an irresistible mixture of glamour and elegance. A vibrant celebration brimming with heartfelt Marwadi traditions and exuberant baraats, this wedding was one to remember! Everyone enjoyed to their heart’s content. Embraced in a wealth of customs and grandeur, the Marwari wedding was a truly magnificent event. We tried to capture all the tiniest details to give the couple memories for a lifetime.

Here are some of the pictures from this wedding that will make your heart melt!