"You may hold my hand for a while, but you may hold my heart forever

One of our recent projects was Tushar and Apurva’s romantic couple shoot at Leisurely Casa By the hills , Pawna lake. Honestly, it was one of the most magical photoshoots we have ever done.

Leisurely Casa By The Hills is located near Pawna Lake in Lonavala, approximately 5.9 kilometers from the town center. Located near a breathtaking view of the Lake and mountains, it is a bountiful abode. The cottage has maintained all the charm of tradition. Its old-fashioned roof, warm decor, and distant view of the lake evoke a serene atmosphere from another era. There is a sense of oneness with nature here. It was a lovely setting for a photo shoot.

From the very beginning, Tushar and Apurva knew they had chemistry too powerful to ignore. Having spent time together, the lovers decided to start a new chapter in their lives together.

Beautiful nature trails served as the backdrop for this magical photo shoot. The couple enjoyed some intimate moments in the garden. The captivating landscape of clear blue skies over the lake was every photographer's dream. It was enthralling to capture the couple's memories surrounded by lush greenery. Their love story was immortalized with a memorable photoshoot.

Apurva looked stunning in her outfit. Both her beauty and elegance left us speechless. As the couple stood together, it was evident that their love story was destined for the ages. They are truly made for each other. Photographing the lovely couple in this mystical backdrop was so romantic. It captured their pure love to the fullest!


Our aim was to capture the couple's tale of love in striking pictures that they can cherish, remember and share forever. To fulfill Tushar and Apurva's dream of a dreamy photo shoot, we put our expertise and lenses to work.  Beautiful backdrops, playfulness, and intimate poses resulted in these amazing photos.