“My heart made its choice, and it chose you.”

Our recent projects include the pre-wedding shoot of Snehil and Natasha at Green Velvet Resort in Lonavala. Truly, it was one of the most amazing photoshoots I've ever experienced.

In the lap of nature, Green Velvet in Pawna, Lonavala is the perfect place for those looking for a weekend getaway away from the hectic city life. It's a wonderful sight to see the pristine clear waters of Pawna Lake from the cosy rooms at the Resort. This scenic getaway offers a panoramic view of the lake and mountains. It is a place of peaceful serenity. This setting was perfect for shooting photos.

This magical photo shoot took place against the backdrop of scenic nature trails. During the shoot, the couple shared some intimate moments in the greenery. There was nothing more captivating than the crystal clear blue skies over the lake that every photographer dreams of seeing. Amidst lush greenery, it was fascinating to capture the couple's memories. An unforgettable photoshoot documented their love story.

Our photographer was able to capture the romance and intrigue between Snehil and Natasha at the resort, which brought about some truly dreamy photos. As we photographed each event, our aim was to capture the myriad emotions surrounding the coming together of the two lovers. 

The romantic landscape was the most suitable setting for photographing the lovely couple. Natasha looked stunning in her blue long tail gown. Neither her beauty nor her elegance could be described in words. A picturesque location like this offered a uniquely bewitching environment for capturing intimate moments between two people. There was something ethereal and romantic about this idyllic romantic setting.

As the couple embarked on this photoshoot, true love blossomed between them. It was a combination of beautiful backdrops, playfulness, and intimate poses that resulted in these stunning photographs. A beautiful photoshoot like this is sure to melt your heart.