By Esha G.

“As long as the sun continues to shine, you can be sure that my heart will remain yours.”

The couple. Namrata and Puranjay, wanted their pre-wedding shoot to be one in Mumbai. We decided to keep it simple and sweet.

The lovely duo was introduced by their parents. After spending some time together they decided to tie the knot. It is truly said that love is a strange thing. It takes you by surprise.

Before stepping into marital bliss, the couple decided to capture their loving moments in a couple-shoot.

Nothing is better than the city of dreams, Mumbai, for a pre-wedding shoot. The non-stop energy of the bustling city, stunning sea views, and the old world charm together give life to a real-life fairytale. Even the city’s streets provide fabulous picturesque locations.

We clicked some shots amidst the beauty of nature. The scenic beauty and greenery of the garden were a true delight for a photographer. The stunning natural backdrops turned out to be perfect for the couple’s loving and candid moments. It was mesmerizing to shoot the playful and goofy moments of the couple before a heartwarming sea of colors! The sweet chirping of the birds only added to the blissful experience. We could see the love-struck duo’s love blossoming even in this simple and effortless photoshoot.

As the couple sat at the bus-stop in the beautiful evening it looked truly magical. They had their most intimate and affectionate moments here. We were left awestruck by their besotted love-story. Their chemistry and joys in enjoying little moments and taking turns to tease each other made their relationship more special & unique.

Cherishing the cute smiles and sweet magical moments is what makes love. This is very evident in the pre-wedding shoot of these two love-birds. The marvelous spots offered by Mumbai made this shoot even more timeless and magical. Here is how this simple and endearing photoshoot transpired!