By Esha G.

“My heart is perfect because you are inside it ”

Jeet and Pina wanted to have their pre-wedding shoot surrounded by the pristine beaches of Alibaug. It is surely one of the most popular locations for couple shoots around Mumbai. We were thrilled by the location and waited eagerly for the shoot. 


The couple is a quintessential case of love taking one by surprise. This love-struck duo was set up by their parents who arranged for them to meet. Nevertheless, to say, their parents did a splendid job in arranging their love story. Before the blissful union of the love-birds, we organized a stunning pre-wedding photoshoot for them.


We headed out for the shoot in Alibaug which is located off the coast from Mumbai. It takes about 50-60 minutes by ferry from Gateway of India or 4 to 5 hours by car to reach the location.


We tried our best to capture the couple’s unfiltered joy in each shot. Orchestrating a perfect couple shoot was not an easy task, but the gorgeous chemistry of the couple made this colossal task effortless. 


It gives us immense peace and pleasure to shoot at Alibaug. The immaculate beaches surrounded by swaying palm trees that inspire a sense of serenity are every photographer’s paradise. 


We captured the couple’s most intimate and loving moments in the boundless beauty of the beaches. The shoot looked no less than a tropical fairy tale. The gorgeous couple’s besottedness is clearly evident in the pictures. It was a mesmerizing experience to shoot near the sunset when the evening sun cast long shadows on the ground giving a warm tinge to the sky.


This photoshoot brimmed with playful and romantic moments. It was clearly a treat for the eyes. The couple looked extremely charming and adorable in their outfits. Here’s how this surreal and stunning pre-wedding photo shoot turned out!